Office Cleaning

A clean office is a healthy workplace. Your productivity is affected by your office’s cleanliness. Our company offers high quality cleaning services for offices of all sizes and layouts. Our cleaning staff is guaranteed to provide you with excellent performances and spotless aftermaths. With our cleaning service, we promise you an improved and refined experience … Continue reading Office Cleaning

Retail Boutique Cleaning

The ambiance of your store affects the whole business. We, at WCS Services, assure you that our cleaning services can help bring out and maintain the beauty of your retail boutique. Our cleaning performance guarantees an unspotted ambiance for you and your customers.

Factory Cleaning

A clean environment can boost a factory’s efficiency rate. WCS Services offers you the best quality of cleaning and maintenance for your factories and plants. We ensure that no mess, litter, or trash would clutter your factory floors. Our cleaning personnel are also trained to handle external polishing and cleaning of factory machinery.

Clinic Cleaning

For a clinic, hygiene is everything. Promoting good health to people involves maintaining cleanliness in the clinic. Our company offers the best cleaning services fit for the finest clinics in town. We guarantee to improve your clinic’s hygiene, which is ultimately beneficial to the health of your patients.

Support Services

Having a board meeting or have important oversea contacts visiting the company, we have tea lady and chauffeur services that can serve them and tend to their every needs. Feel at home as we take care of you and your visitors the whole time they are there.

Home Services

Our subsidiary, provides you with quality home cleaning services, aiming to deliver consistent satisfaction. We know every customer is different and thus we customise cleaning to your needs as far as possible.Nobody should be paying for cookie-cut service!

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